The Board

Billy R. King

Chairman, Member since: June 2000

Michael Lewis

Vice Chairman, Member since: November 2008

Gwendolyn Johnson Baptist

Treasurer, Member since: November 2008

Annie Bethune

Community Leader, Member since: July 2003

Mattie McNeill

Chaplain, Member Since: August 1996

Mary A. Hickey-King

Secretary, Member since: November 2003

Dr. Gloria W. E. Carson

Assistant Secretary, Member since: November 2005

Ora Lee Bethea

Community Leader, Member since: January 2005

Alexander Lucas

Community Leader, Member since: May 2012

Elsie Gilmore is Kingdom CDC's Executive Director. She came to Kingdom CDC in Feb 2001. She came to Kingdom with a background in mortgage lending and several years management experience. Elsie is a Certified Housing Counselor. She is responsible for the management of housing program services and supervision of staff.