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Homeowners Assistance Counseling

Loss of a job, increased medical expenses, changing loan terms are some of the many reasons a borrower may face difficulty paying their mortgage. Kingdom CDC assists at-risk and delinquent homeowners with negotiating a solution with their mortgage companies. Our counselors complete a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and then use our expert knowledge of government and lender programs to advocate with the mortgage company on your behalf. Ask about how President Obama's Making Home Affordable plan, the NC Housing Finance Agency's NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund, or the State Home Foreclosure Prevention Program might assist you.

Preserving home ownership is our primary goal. More than 85% of our clients are able to negotiate a sustainable workout plan with their mortgage companies. When that is not possible, we strive to connect our clients with resources to facilitate a graceful exit and housing transition. The key to success is early intervention, so don't delay.

To schedule a one on one appointment contact the Kingdom CDC office.